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This is Nursing Forum downloads section. We frequent the Internet to find downloadable files suitable to nursing. If there is any problem please contact us. We try our best to bring you what we deem as good tools for nursing. This is strictly for your use. Files included are questions to certifications, PDA downloads, drug tables, utilities, etc. We constantly add new files, so check weekly for any new downloads.


eDrugsDatabase is an add-on database for JFile 4.x containing over 10,000 drug names and dosage forms. Each drug listing gives the generic name, brand name, usual dose, use or class and pregnancy risk, plus most have additional information and notes relating to the drug's usage.

GCS (Glasgow Coma Scale) Calculator 2.0

Put your nursing skills to work at testing your own synospis about coma

ABG Decoder 3.0

Helps determine Normal vs abnormal ABGs

Apache II 2

This medical calculator determines how ill a patient is.

Anemia Guide 1.0

This is a guide to Anemia in children and adults.

Asthma Management 1.0

A database to help manage asthma.

Current Medical Therapeutics 1.01

This has recommendations for treating some of the most common acute medical conditions.


Drip Calculator 2.10
This is a medical calculator.

Peds Calc

PICU Tools 2.5
These tools contains medical calculators and databases.

Top Flow 1.0

This medical calculator gives cardiac outputs

Medical Mnemonics V1.00

Improve your memory.

MedCalc 3.64

This medical calculator has 46 formulas.

Clinical Hematology-Oncology 2.7

This medical reference text has detailed work-ups, treatment plans, medications and differentials.

DoseCalc ver. 3.0

A stand-alone program for calculating pediatric medication doses

ACLS 2001 v1.0

A single .prc file with the Advanced Cardiac Life Support algorithms.
CGS and weight converter. This version has been tested on the PALM IIIx and V using the Palm OS version 3.1 & 3.5.

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