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Today in America there exists a very real nursing shortage epidemic. The majority of Americans perceive this nursing shortage having an adverse effect, resulting in a crisis in the health care profession. Nurses are considered one of the most respected and admired professions today, yet the scarcity of nurses does not seem to be improving. Because the demand for nursing jobs is greater than the supply, there are many travel nursing jobs that need to be filled. The field of travel nursing has emerged as one of the solutions to this nursing shortage problem.

Travel Nursing: A Specialized Field

Travel nursing is a specialized nursing field that has opened the door to a wide range of opportunities. There are many recruiters and agencies that specialize in travel nursing. These agencies help place the travel nurse in positions that match their field of expertise. The choice of state and field is open to you. Your assignment can last from as little as 90 days to a longer term contract based on the arrangements made.

Travel Nursing Compensation

Travel nursing as a profession has become extremely popular. A travel nurse can now easily make a six figure salary which is far above the average wage of a permanent nurse. Housing and travel expenses, excellent health benefits and a retirement program should also be part of a good compensation package. The competition for your services is fierce, so be sure to explore your options and chose the best travel nursing agency that is right for you.

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